Environmental Experts

Why are you different from other sites? Not just different – unique. We are the first website that offers a searchable database of environmental experts worldwide. In recognition of this we have recently received the Drakonim Award for Website Innovation.

What does it cost, and who pays? Use of the site is completely free to visitors. Environmental experts pay a small monthly fee that can be terminated at any time by them without notice. Our scale of fees appears at the foot of this page and the site is set up for payment in US Dollars.

How do experts sign up? Easy. Click here. When you complete the sign up process you are then free to upload information to your new profile. This can include text, articles, images and video. We can help at every stage if you need it – just email us here and we will answer as soon as we can – usually the same day.

Can companies sign up? No. The site is designed for individual environmental experts, but there is nothing preventing a person from signing up who works within a company structure, and reference to that company can be made in the profile if required.

You have lots of categories. Can experts belong to more than one? Yes. We acknowledge that there is some overlap between categories and there is no additional fee payable if you wish to add your details to more than one. Categories can be important for SEO purposes but in reality it’s the search engine that does all the work..

Do visitors have to register? No. The site can be browsed and work can be offered directly to a specific member without the need for registration. If a visitor wants to post a job to the Jobs Page inviting interest from members then registration is compulsory but free.

How do experts hear about job offers? Jobs can be offered directly via the expert’s profile through secure messaging. Members also have exclusive access to the Jobs Page and can opt in to receive SMS job alerts to their mobile devices for a particular category of work – yet another innovative feature.

What about marketing? We actively engage in relevant social media and environmental forums, specifically raising the site’s profile and those of its members. We also take out Google Ads, advertise in environmental publications and circulate our EnviroBlogs digitally. Members are welcome to contribute with full credit given plus links.

Can members contact each other? Yes. Both experts and visitors can use our secure in-line messaging system to contact members directly. This can be particularly useful to discuss a particular issue, solve a problem or to simply exchange ideas.