Who Are You?

Enviroseek is an extensive, searchable database of environmental experts worldwide and is owned and run by former UK lawyers. In its creation, Dr Phil Smith, a practicing environmentalist and water pollution expert, has provided invaluable guidance. Dr Smith had some experience in developing a searchable database previously but work commitments prevented its expansion, and it was he who suggested to Andy David – a former barrister who had already developed some excellent legal websites – that Enviroseek would be valued by environmental professionals and those who instruct them.

   What Do You Do?

It is often extremely difficult to find an environmental expert for a project with a particular skill set. Enviroseek solves that problem because it is the only searchable database worldwide specifically for environmental professionals. We provide increased web visibility for our members whilst those searching for the right expert can use a number of wide ranging search parameters to find the right person for the job. Searching the database costs nothing and no registration is required. Membership is also free, though we aim to move to low cost monthly membership in future. You do not need to input any payment details to sign up now. We promote our members through social media & contributions to our EnviroBlog – a place where members can upload their own posts directly. Members also receive a monthly newsletter. We also conduct frequent Google Ad campaigns and members can use our logo on their website and stationery. There are no ‘featured listings’ or advertisements and our search results are always randomised to ensure fairness to all.

What About Site Design?

The site is easy to use, intuitive and each member’s page is also tweaked for SEO (search engine optimisation) so that if a member is, say, a conservationist, that word will appear in the address bar as part of the profile’s unique URL. This makes it much more visible. The world is following the USA in the frequency of online searches for professional services now that unwieldy directories are disappearing, and as mobile devices are used more commonly these days this site is fully optimised for use on all types of device. Due to the unique nature of Enviroseek we have already received the Drakonim Award for website innovation.

What’s a Profile?

Your profile is whatever you make it. On sign up you get instant online access to your own Membership Page and can immediately create a one page profile in the database. This is a blank canvas upon which you can include whatever you like, whether it’s a CV, articles or links to other pages. You can even include video if you like. Just upload the media or provide the links and we will ensure it looks presentable on the page. You can later log in to change text or complete other edits without contacting us as you have direct online access to your profile. It is also possible for company administrators to create multiple profiles for individuals.

How Do I Sign Up?

1: To sign up just click on the Join Us/ Login link in the Main Menu or simply click here.
2: Create a New Membership by providing your name, email address, a username & a password.
3: You will then be logged in. Click on the Dashboard link.
4: On the next page click the Create a New Profile button.
5: Fill out the form. Click ‘Preview’ then ‘Submit’. After the profile is approved by us it is ‘live’ on the site.

A Word About Ratings

We live in a competitive world and it’s a fact that recommendations and testimonials matter. People tend to be reassured by it and when anyone is looking for a professional nothing compares to the view of someone who has used their services before. Ratings are not compulsory of course but are highly recommended. When a rating is received for a listing we always make a point of contacting the listing owner and check its veracity to avoid any malicious activity as we’ve seen on sites such as Tripadvisor. If the rating and comments are proved genuine they will be posted whether favourable or not.

How Do I Contact You?

Through our Contact Page, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or email. Our staff always deal with enquiries very quickly, but In order to keep overheads to  a minimum we do not have telephone access.

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