Mobile devicesThe reason you’re here. The UK is following the USA in the frequency of online searches for lawyers and experts. Mobile devices are used more commonly so the site is optimised for use on all types of device. We promote our members through social media & contributions to our NewsBlog. We also conduct frequent Google Ad campaigns. You can use our logo on your website and stationery. Members don’t have ‘featured listings’ or advertisements to give them an advantage and our search results are always randomised to ensure fairness to all.

Step 1 – Create An Account

How It WorksDuring our half-price listing offer a Single Account is charged at just £10/ month, with Corporate Accounts at £15/ month. This fee will last for the duration of your membership. You can cancel at any time. Creating your new account takes only a few seconds. Just click on the button below and you will be taken to the relevant page where you can choose your account type and authorise payments. You will then be taken back to our site where you can submit a few details and choose a password. That’s it! You will then be allowed full access to submit listings.

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Step 2 – Submit Your Listing

Submit your listing A ‘Listing‘ is a one-page profile in the Directory. If you have decided to opt for a Single Account you will only be submitting a single listing to the Directory for a named individual person and only provide details about that person. Corporate Accounts are more flexible. You can have one listing for your organisation and then add optional multiple listings for people within your organisation and/or other branches you may have. This is particularly important for geographical searches, and we will add links between listings for you. It’s possible to preview your listing before submission but any editing can always be completed later. If you need any help in either creating an account or submitting your listing(s) please contact us.

Step 3 – Edit Your Listings

Edit your listingsWhenever you visit the Directory and log in you will be taken to your editing page where you have access to your listings, whether single or multiple. From here, things get interesting because unlike most online services of this type you can now modify the listings yourself to add almost anything you like. Upload articles/ documents or even include a video. Professional accreditations and memberships can be added too, giving you complete control over your listing content. Whenever you’re logged in you can add further listings if you have a Corporate Account. If you need any assistance we are here to help and frequently offer suggestions such as keywords or other changes that make your listing more visible and attractive to site users.


BillingBilling is via a monthly recurring payment mandate. Three debit/credit card types are acceptable, and because online security is a priority we use Stripe – a safe, reliable provider that your bank manager or card provider will be aware of. They incorporate a secure platform so your details are perfectly safe. We never see those details as they are held on a remote, secure server by the provider. You, however, will be sent details on how to access your account directly so you can update those details or cancel whenever you like. You can also cancel by simply emailing us. If you wish to know more about the process or our provider please contact us.

A Word About Ratings

rating_pic3We live in a competitive world and it’s a fact that recommendations and testimonials matter. The public tend to be reassured by it and when solicitors are looking for an expert nothing compares to the view of a fellow professional. Ratings are not compulsory of course but are highly recommended. When a rating is received for a listing we always make a point of contacting the listing owner and check its veracity to avoid any malicious activity as we’ve seen on sites such as Tripadvisor. If the rating and comments are proved genuine they will be posted whether favourable or not.

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